Covid 19... Our response

Dear Esteemed Customer,

In response to recent developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease and in support of efforts by government and health regulatory authorities towards stemming the spread of the virus, we would like to apprise you of our on-going efforts at ensuring public safety:

  • Following the discovery of the first COVID-19 case in the country, we immediately set up a special monitoring team to assess and track the situation as well as review, adjust and implement established response protocols as appropriate. 
  • FoodCo Entertainment Centres are temporarily shut down across all our facilities. Please, note that this is as a precautionary measure to limit social gathering at this point. 
  • Human traffic into our supermarkets has been limited to avoid crowding.  
  • All persons entering into our outlets are required to sanitize their hands with the hand-sanitizers provided at the entrance. Staff are positioned at the entrance to ensure compliance. 
  • All our staff have undergone intensive orientation on preventive and management procedures for COVID-19. 
  • All staff are screened upon resumption and any staff showing symptom of the disease is immediately advised to report to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).
  • All staff are adequately equipped with the prescribed sanitary kits including gloves, hand sanitizers and masks for those in positions that require it.
  • Procedures have been adjusted to increase deep cleaning processes especially for frequently used areas and items such as shopping baskets, trolleys, tills, countertops, toilets and production units. 
  • We have adopted an hourly sanitization of surfaces with alcohol-based disinfectants. Such surfaces include tills, countertops, 3F cash points, top of Bain Marie and POS machines.  
  • High contact points such as toilets, toilet door handle, wash hand basins and common areas are cleaned every hour.

Furthermore, in response to fears of a shortfall in essential supplies, be assured that we have increased stock levels for high demand items across all FoodCo outlets to ensure that your need for top quality products is met.

We also are launching a delivery service to allow customers to receive products at home while staying safely isolated. This service has launched in Lagos and will be rolled out to Ibadan shortly as well. 

We encourage everyone to remain calm and follow the recommended protocol for the prevention and management of the disease. The pandemic is indeed an unprecedented challenge but humanity has been through several crises in the past and with God on our side, we shall all overcome. 

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